June Salon From Your Home

Literary Pub Quiz

Literary Pub Quiz! Edinburgh LiterarySaloonSalon, 6pm, 30th June

For this month’s Salon from Your Home we will have a Literary Pub Quiz! We invite you to visit your own Virtual Bar – preferably saloon – and form a team – in a bubble, on Zoom or some other chat-room – and see how much you know about books, and associated things.

There will be six rounds (of questions, not drinks) presented as video links on our social media platforms. There are no prizes – it’s just for fun – and no livestream, but we invite participants to comment on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube pages.

6pm: Three rounds, 1) Lost the Plot 2) Who Am I? 3) Music Round – followed by answers.

7pm: round 4) Picture the Book 5) The Film of the Book 6) What the Dickens! – final scores.

Please tell us in comments how your scores tot up, but please remember, the referees decision is final, as we aren’t doing this as a livestream event – it’s just for your fun.

So, don’t be a looser – see you in the (virtual) boozer!